Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wintery Days for Made With Love March Assignment

I re-read my blog entries on the days we were in Shanghai and realised I do miss that place in some ways. The strawberry picking trips, weekly brunch outings with the kids, the river view right outside our windows and the four seasons...

Much as I enjoy the cooler weather, I hated the freezing cold days in winter during the months of December and January and was happy to stay home and laze about. Unfortunately, I had to send the kids to school and zip around for errands.It was such a chore putting on those thick layers of winter clothing for the kids and then myself and trust me, it ain't easy carrying that chubby boy with extra layers on both of us! Lol!

Then, we always find ourselves in situations when we are comfortably and warmly settled in a restaurant, toilet requests would come forth from the kids.Then it would be a mad scramble to quickly put on those layers of clothing back, zip out in the cold to the toilets, undo those layers to get the kids to pee properly without wetting their clothes and then back to the restaurant again!

Anyhow, it was still fun minus all the colds and ear infections which were so common during the cold months and we always try to get out once the weather forecast shows some sun. The kids, with their chubby and rosy faces and winter wear, made good photography subjects too for my scrapping!

I opted for a light pink,violet,and silvery color tones on my layout to reflect the 'coldness' of winter. This is my first layout of the year, after baby Anna's birth and I took a long time with it, completing in parts over 2 weeks! But it was definitely satisfying! I managed to play with some mediums, misted the Prima canvas frame which I matted the picture onto and the girl at the side. Also brushed on some gold mica flakes on the resin bridge, before layering on the papers and flowers...yums!

A side view of the layout...

Close-up of the bridge and misted canvas.

I glued on the violet flower on top of an older prima winter flower that I had been hoarding for the past 3 years!

Hope you like what I have to share. I will be back tomorrow with another post on my challenge over at Made With Love. Two posts in a week! That is quite a feat for me currently ;-)