Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fun in The Sun for The Story Matters Challenge

Fun in the Sun
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Yippeee! I am back in sunny Singapore, but it is so so so hot here that we were perspiring all the time and the kids could hardly sleep without the air-condtioning on. Our schedule is so packed and tight that I can hardly breathe and I dunno if I have time to do any shopping for the kiddies' stuff to bring back to Shanghai????

The challenge over at The Story Matters is to scrap your favourite summer memory. Honestly for us, we missed the play and fun in the water most! Singapore is sunny all year long and we have easy access to the public swimming pool and water sports recreation center since they are all so nearby...So the whole of last summer that we stayed in Shanghai, we were at the wave pool and the man-made beach in our living compound almost all the time.

The pictures scrapped were of Adah playing in the wading pool at her little girlfriend's birthday party. She could hardly resist entering into the water to play despite running a fever earlier.

Unfortunately, due to the swine flu situation in Singapore, we decided to play it safe and forfeit our trips to the swimming pool and water recreation center this trip home. We certainly do not want to be quarantined in some 'no-star, rural, outskirts' hotel when we fly home with the virus. I am so praying that everyone on the plane is clear! I heard you get quarantined if you are running a fever and even if you are within x rows of a suspected or fever case.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sugar Bowl Blog Challenge #13

This challenge is a sketch set by Lilian, DT member on the Sugar Bowl Blog. Once again, I have to rave about how much Sugar Nellie stamps are one of my favourites. Considering that the shop and owner is located all the way in Switzerland, they are the most efficient online sellers I have known so far. Stamps always arrived within a week or two after my order and my mailing address is in Singapore (after several cases of missing parcels here, I decided not to take the risk and rather send the orders to Mum's and wait even longer!@#$%, but it beats losing them.)

This week's sketch is a really sweet and simple one and the only other requirement is to include a kraft color, otherwise browns or creams. I have not gotten myself any kraft cardstock yet so it is definitely on my check-it-out list this trip back to Singapore. I have instead used a brownish- cream (or creamish brown) card for my base. Kept it simple and covered part of it with flowers cut out from the KI lace cardstock. I love love love this little scene and attached the butterfly and the potted tulips with dimensions for some lift. Also cut out that cute little cat and attached it on the side to make the whole scene more real. I wonder if its my scrapbooking habit to minimise white space but I thought it felt really empty. I am stuggling with the temptation to get a die cut machine and some nestabilities...sighs...I drool whenever I look at the cards made by the DT members around.

Sugar Bowl Blog Challenge #13

Sugar Bowl Blog Challenge #13ii

Sugar Bowl Blog Challenge #13i

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Scared For Butterfly Crafts Challenge #14

I know I promised a sneak preview of my design team work for Butterfly Crafts but there was no way I could log into Blogger properly. I am logging in via a free anoymous proxy and it helps me to log in to Blogger with the most basic features. I can't edit to add the Butterfly Crafts logo on my left sidebar or add in anything for that matter. I can't upload pictures and can only include pictures by doing a cut and paste on the url from Flickr, and even then, there are days I can't log into Flickr at all!!!! So it has been very frustrating and I am hoping to get some internet access when I am back in Singapore for the next week amd do some editing on my blog details...

Speaking of which, our LSS in Singapore are having huge sales because its the Great Singapore Sale (I think) and my SB friend has kindly offered to pick up my reservations if I want any. She is sooo helpful!! I am looking forward to going back to Singapore next week. I will make sure I shop and eat those foods I miss most in the limited time I have there...yay!

Enough of ramblings, here's the layout I have done for my first assignment for Butterfly Crafts. We are supposed to do something related to our childhood fear and this is mine. When I was younger, my mum always threatened that the witch would come get me and cut off my tongue if I lied. And this thought just lingered on even though I knew it was just a threat as I got older. It gives me the creeps to look at these witches' images and so I didn't like my ride through Snow White's world very much at Disneyland cos it just reminded me of my childhood fear. Its strange how these childhood impressions last. I have got a girlfriend who doesn't like receiving flowers especially roses because her mum used to plant flowers and to prevent her from plucking the flowers and destroying the plants, she will tell her the thorns are teeth which will bite her!???

Butterfly crafts challenge #14- Adeline

Scared i

Scared ii

Am keeoing my fingers crossed that blogsites will once again be freed up in the country I am residing in...sighs...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

RAK over at Sophia's Blog

Sophia is one of the sweetest SB friend whom I came to know online after I started scrapbooking actively. I blog hop over to her blog ever os often, admiring her works and looking for inspiration in the process when I am out of mojo. And everytime I read her posts, I am touched by her gratefulness and thankfulness to God for His provision and I am ashamed of my own lack of gratitude at times...Sophia also RAK-ed me some stash when she knew I was starting out and in Shanghai, I could hardly lay my hands on any eye- candy worthy stuff!

And to celebrate her finding a buyer for her home, Sophia is giving away another RAK. So hop over to her blog over at to read about the details and find out more about this lovely and passionate lady to her 'D's (Daren and David) and scrapbooking. I hope to meet up with her soon when I am back to Singapore in 2 weeks' time! (Yippee!!!)

I will have a sneak preview of the work done for my first layout as DT member for Butterfly Crafts in my next post. Watch out for it!!! I am quite happy with the concept but not entirely satisfied with the I hope I get some time to rearrange the elements a bit before the post is out on the 15th. I have been so occupied this week with Adah's school activities that I am totally exhausted (plus the aftermath of a rainy exhuasting Disneyland/ sea trip).

Enjoy what's left of the wonderful weekend.