Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas came early!

Christmas definitely arrived earlier in our household this year. The Christmas shopping started way back in October. I have never enjoyed the conveniences of internet shopping as much as! Nothing beats selecting and comparing prices from the comfort of your home. I was put off internet shopping previously because your credit card gets charged first and you never know the quality of the goods you receive. There were still some hiccups here and there but I must say, the general consumer experience that I have had from these internet shop owners are really good so far. And so, I had all these gifts wrapped up and ready even before end November in anticipation of Baby A3's arrival!

What else have I been busy with? The full month party favours were rushed out and completed last week. I made some 4 by 4 inches notebooks and happily used up a great portion of my stash! There's a first month baby album for A3, my pregnancy journal is almost completed now and I made another Maya Road trinket box frame for the kiddos, along with a few more layouts. I guess this is my last burst of energy before A3 comes along. I will take my time to share all my little projects later on since I anticipate I may have nothing to share for a while...

It's now a wait game and if I don't get to come in here or meet up with some of you, Early Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Boys will be Boys

It's my turn to share over at Made With Love again.That's my-not-so-little-boy in the picture. He is developing quite a character of his own now, having his own opinions, getting so chatty, arguing and fighting back against his elder sister and wanting to be heard these days. Even the helper says he has changed from that quiet, gentle and yielding little boy to quite a character these days!

I have been disciplined in my purchases recently or maybe I am just going through a 'nesting' phase and have been trying to declutter instead of adding more to my stash, so this layout is completed using my crate paper purchases from earlier on in the year. This is the 'Toy Box' collection and Asher loves it as much as I did. In fact, he helped to pick out the chipboard pieces to embellish the layout. He was so enthusiastic that I had to stop him from pasting the 'dinosaurs' and 'rockets' onto the layout when I was not paying attention!

I painted the left side of the layout using yellow acrylic paint over the wall mask from Prima's new range of masks. Then, I cut off part of the Hambly transparency and layered it over the base cardstock and then added part of the 'books' cut out from the 'Toy Box' collection. I kinda like the end result of the layering...The rest of the layout was completed with journalling cut-outs and chipboards from the same collection with help from Asher!

Some close-ups. I love that little windmill over there!

I couldn't resist adding a buttons to 'balance' an empty void on the layout and I tied some baker's twine onto them for a simple 'spice-it-up'!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Waiting for Christmas!!!

Nope, nope, nope...the baby's not out yet though I am walking like a penguin already and I feel larger than an elephant and everyone keeps looking at me knowingly and goes,'Anytime soon right?'

I am not due for another 3 weeks I hope so that I can finish up the projects and layouts I have in mind. A Maya Road shadowbox, showcasing the 3 kiddos. I will have to add the pictures of Baby A3 later on and a couple of layouts to complete the year...I had in mind a huge plan to create an advent calendar for the two older ones but it seems quite impossible now. The school holidays start for Adah this Thursday and I have shifted Asher to a half day program at school, so it means I have less time for myself now since the kids are with me almost all the time and I really do want to spend time with them as much as possible before A3 arrives and gets all my attention for a while.

Well...2 cards finished for Made With Love. They will be on display at the store soon.

The first- A Christmas card. I always loved stamping and coloring in. I used my Copic markers here and I always find coloring and blending a fast and therapuetic way to have some time on my own. It doesn't command full attention from me and I don't get as irritated as when I am distracted from my scrapbooking when the kids call out for me. They are usually intrigued by what I am coloring and start darwing, stamping and coloring along with me!

The stamp is actually an old Sugar Nellie stamp which I had purchased long before any of the local stores here brought in. I still love the nostalgic feel of the image and I added some stickles to brighten up the whole look of the card.

The second card can be used for as a wedding anniversary card or a wedding congratulatory card. I used my leftovers from Crate Paper and the shiny cardstock from AC to die-cut the butterfly. Thanks to Pooi for highly recommending the AC glitter cardstock during one of our crops earlier on. Took her advice and got quite a few of them in different colors but my fav are the silver and gold ones currently! Very suitable for the season...

Ok...this is a short post. Hopefully I can squeeze in some layouts here before I go into labor! ;-)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Made With Love DT Assignment - Take That Step

This layout is for my DT Assignment for Made With Love this week. The hubster brought the kids to the zoo on Saturday and I had the house and study room all to myself. It feels weird to be able to focus on scrapping and crafting completely after having to juggle the hobby amidst household chores and two noisy it took awhile for me to get started! Lol.

The papers in this layout are from My Mind's Eye- Stell & Rose Collection. Love love love the soft hues of blue and pink in this collection! And I actually used the sketch from Pencil Lines to get me started, though I rotated the sketch a little.

I distressed the edges of the papers with my cutter and inked the edges. For once, I didn't have curious supervision and little fingers from the kids so it was kind of therapuetic as I distressed away watching online videos at the same time!

Some close-ups. The chandelier and the ornate frame are from Dusty Attic. Dusty Attic makes the most gorgeous laser cut chipboard pieces! I painted the chandelier with white paint and then brished Glitter Glam in Bronze over it. As for the ornate frame, I chose to leave it as it is...

It has been a peaceful and crafty week for me since Adah's exams are over and we are taking a break from the books....I will be sharing some cards that I have created for Made With Love soon! Check back...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Baby Girl Album

Another week of silence as the eldest girl sat for her year-end tests in the last 2 weeks. I had been screaming my head off for her Maths. I really dun understand it. Different schools have varying standards and the assessment books that I bought for her to practise are so much more difficult than what she has been taught, and I see her frustration as she gets confused at the end of reading every story sum!

Anyhow, it was a good break last week as we spent 4 days at home because of the Primary 6 exams marking days. I was able to complete a mini first month album for Baby A3 as Adah did her revision next to me. Despite the challenges of coaching her, I guess I will always remember moments like these when she sits next to me, me crafting and she writing away. Despite her rebellion and stubborness, she really does have a special place in my heart...sighs...

I have been hoarding this Pink Paislee album for the longest time, so I decided to prepare something in advance for baby's first month celebration. I will just need to add in baby's pictures then since I expect to be very busy after she's out!

The album is completed using mainly Crate Paper's Emma Shoppe collection. I was so crazy over the collection that I bought almost the entire set of papers and embellishments and I had so much leftovers despite using up quite a bit for my layouts.

The front cover of the album. I added the aqua blue ribbon to tie the front and back covers together so that the album can be closed after I add in the photos and embellishments. The wooden doily from Maya Road was misted with Tattered Angels mist and I love the strong red it turned out, though the sample was more pinky looking.

Some of my favorite pages in the album...

Sunday, 9 October 2011


I was in the mood for some scrapping last week and completed this over the weekend. We set up a little studio at home to take pictures and I got the kids to test my camera. We ended up taking lots of goofy pictures and I love this most. Asher has always adored his older sister since young and he is always looking out for her to play with him, but she is getting older and is sometimes uncomfortable with his passionate hugs and kisses! Lol.

Played with some mediums here. Misted the cardstock with Tattered Angels Sky Blue mist over a Prima mask and dripped huge red droplets randomly. I painted the birds and leaves on the Dusty Attic tree vine and added Glimmer Glaze on the birds, so they kinda shine when you take a closer look. Those cloud rub-ons are from Studio Calico, and they are just so simple and beautiful. The transparency and butterflies song sheet are from Glitz and the rest are from my ever growing Prima stash. I tried to control the buying so you will probably see lots of repeated flowers on my coming layouts.

I always say scrapping is a hobby that is so opposite to my principles. I dun like waste and yet I hoard SB stash. I dun like spoiling the environment and yet I am always buying paper and more stuff to add onto my it has to be about control now...

Some close ups...

Monday, 3 October 2011

9 Months

Just to share my current ongoing project...a pregnancy journal documenting the 9 months of journey with my little A3. When I had the elder two, I was not keen on scrapping at all. I was working and busy climbing the corporate ladder, meeting career goals and trying to juggle a family life with kids as the same time. Life slowed down a lot only when we moved to Shanghai and that was when I picked up this hobby...

It's amazing how a slower pace of life changes a person. I used to be very practical, unwilling to spend on anything that is of little practical use but now as I look back, scrapping not only provides an outlet from the mundane everyday life revolving around kids, it also helps me in documenting my blessings and feelings along the way, much of which we forget as we get caught up in life pursuits again (and in my case, my domestic responsibilities)

And from scrapping, I moved onto photography to capture every precious moment with the kids. I am so eager to embark on this newfound interest but many times, the guilt creeps in when I get totally engrossed in spending too much time on my interests and Adah's grades at school take a tumble. Then, just as I thought I can spend more time on scrapping and photography after somewhat finding a balance to domestic chores and motherly duties, I am now heavy with Baby A3 and soon we can expect more changes in our lives before we settle back into a routine again.

But for now, I just remind myself to slow down, enjoy every bit of this journey with baby and the kids, enjoy my interests instead of meeting datelines for DTs or classes or challenges and I find myself cherishing my moments with the kids and my hobbies more...

So presenting my yet- to- be- completed (but-hopefully-soon-and already-zuttered-waiting-to-be-bound-up) journal album.

Some close-ups

Thank you for continually coming in to read my posts and check on my progress. I am grateful for all the comments left behind and kind words when I meet some of you in person at the store. It used to irk me whenever I am an ardent blog follower of someone and he/she goes missing for ages and don't update but now I am one of those! Lols!!!! I am hoping to prepare some more layouts and a canvas for baby's full month and hopefully baby's first year album in advance, leaving only the photos to be added in. But that could be a bit too ambitious ya?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hold On

I finally got back to scrapping after such a long break. Sometimes, taking a break really does rejuvenate the body and 'scrapping soul'! I had to submit this assignment for Made With Love this week and was 'forced' to come up with something to meet the deadline. And to my surprise, I was actually excited about scrapping again after stopping it for about a month. I even had some ideas brewing in my head as I tried to conceptualise what I want to present on my LO.

Using a mixture of Prima papers from their recent Pixie Glen and Romantique collection, I came up with the follwing layout. I wanted to 'replicate' a garden scene that matches the photo I took along Clarke Quay, outisde the Parliament House carpark. It's a nice place for photo-taking and the kids were happy to run around and stare at the chinese boats and gaudy shophouses on the opposite bank on a weekend.

I rubbed TH distress ink in olive green over the Prima wall mask and poured embossing powder over it to heat emboss the resulting image. Then, I cut out and distressed the 'frame' for the layout.The rest of the embellishments were from the new Prima resin, flowers and cut-outs from the papers.

Definitely satisfying and fun after playing with all the mediums and cutting away in the peace of the night...I doubt I have much chance to enjoy these when A3 is here! LOL!


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Down and out

I started teaching my new class at Made With Love 2 weeks ago during the September holidays. I was looking forward to it after a long break from teaching and meeting new faces. It was a simple 3 layout class with lots of interactive elements on each layout and I had intentionally minimise the use of mediums and fussy cutting because I knew I would not be up to the standing and demonstrations for a long stretch...

But after the first lesson on Monday, I came down with flu the next day. I practically slept out the whole of Tuesday and ended up going to class on Saturday with a blocked nose! I sounded so nasal that I wondered how the class could understand me? I was so thankful that it was the September holidays and the hubster had taken leave to spend some time with the kids, otherwise I do not think I would have recovered in time.

Then the last class I had was last Saturday. I stood for the whole of 3.5 hours, hardly sitting down until towards the end when some of the faster scrappers left. And my back was hurting with a spilting pain all the way to the bum! I barely made the drive back to the swimming pool near my place to pick up the hubster and kids who were at their swimming class because I do not think I can walk any further from the multi storey carpark back to our flat. And I had to rest out the whole of Sunday thereafter because I could hardly sit or stand straight...

So no layout to share, nothing completed, just this little bit of ranting and sharing about my SB class...I am now convinced that the October class will be my last, given my stamina and state of pregnancy. Just to clarify, I am not a physically weak kind of person...I worked till the day before I delivered my first in a hectic banking environment. I resigned only 2 months before my second was due and was still carrying and rocking the older girl to sleep the day I delivered my second and even now with the third, I am driving around 4 hours a day to send the kiddos to school, walking to and fro the carpark which is some distance away and handling all the household errands and grocery shopping still...I think its just age. I hate to admit it but I am getting old ;-(

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Teachers' Day Gifts

Just a quick one to pop in and say 'hi' and share the handmade mini albums/ notebooks that I have made for the kids' teachers for Teachers' Day! And that was what I had been busy with every weekend for the last two months. I know I am not a fast scrapper so I had started early and I managed to complete just in time...phew...looks like I have to start my Christmas pressies early too!!!!

I got the kids to stamp on some kraft tags, color the images and write out their messages to their teachers and inserted them into the notebooks. After all, they had to participate somehow right? Lol!

Now that I am hooked onto making albums, I am starting on a small project of my own to create a pregnancy journal to record my thoughts during this period. I must say this pregnancy is a roller coaster ride with stress from coaching a child in primary school and spending time with my little boy who has been the baby for the last 4.5 years!

I will be doing 4 classes this month on BoBunny'S Et cetra collection before I go into seclusion for a while to await baby's arrival and attend to the kiddos thereafter, so hope to see some of you there and say 'bye' for a while...

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Class Sneaks For September 2011

Here am I, blogging and killing time as I await the results of our Presidential Election. Singaporeans got to vote twice this year, once for the Government Election earlier on and now for the President...

I promised my LSS that I will do another class before I go on sabbatical leave in preparation for the arrival of Baby A3. And I am so thankful that I managed to rush out the class samples over the last few days. I had been wanting to do another canvas class but given the timeline and my bulging tummy (it's really difficult to bend and squat and clear up mediums now! You get the picture? Lol!), I decided to do a layouts class instead.

And in the midst of brainstorming for ideas, I decided to create something interactive. You know I always like to personalise my layouts, be it with a small touch of mediums, stitching or something handmade. But scrapping to me is about preserving memories and most importantly, journalling down my thoughts so that I will not forget those precious moments in time. So, I wanted something interactive where I can hide more photos that speak of the moments and write down my innermost feelings.

And I ended up with 3 layouts, of which one even contains a simple mini album!I chose to use Bo Bunny's latest collection- Et Cetra. At first I felt the papers were too vintage looking and rich in earth tones, but as I played along, I am surprised at how versatile they can be! Here's sharing some of the sneaks...

Layout 1 contains a hidden mini album that can hold up to another 9 pages of small photos or journalling...

Layout 2 comprises of a slider which can slide out to reveal your secret journalling...

Layout 3 is made up of a card that unfolds to more pictures or words...

I had fun creating this and for the ladies who have attended my previous classes, you probably know by now that this scrapper practically leaves no embellishment or paper un-used! So you get enough to embellish and create all your layouts and mini album! Hope to see you around before I 'disappear' for a long time...

Monday, 22 August 2011

Mama's Little Boy

Woo hoo!!!! I'm on a high after completing the following layout. This month has been really busy, busy, busy! I have been rushing to complete Teacher's Day gifts, class samples for next month,craft masks for Adah's class performance and getting stuff ready for Baby A3!

The following layout was completed in 2 hours and I hardly get even a minute to myself these days, so I was so pleased and satisfied after completing this layout! It's simpler than my usual fussy cutting style, but still layered...These days, I am adopting a look which I think is more neatly layered but yet includes little touches of experimenting like the stitching, stamping or adding of mediums to my work. I guess it has to do with my schedule and the rest that I need more these days. It's really just scrap-stick-go for me these days...(I am not whining but I expect it may just get worse when A3 is here, so I am definitely cherishing my little pockets of freedom!Lol!)

I took the following sketch from Pencil Lines Sketch #250. I still love banners and they just brighten up any page! The pictures of Asher were taken in an underground train station in Hongkong. Love how the patterns on the MME's Line and Dandy Paper match the mosaic tiles in the background!

I had cut out two circles, and stitched around the border with brown DMC thread from Daiso. I do not have any circle cutters so they had to be drawn with a compass and cut out. I also handstitched the stitches randomly, but this time, I used a needle to poke the threading holes first.

I couldn't resist getting the embellishments from this collection. They are just too cute, bright and cheerful!

Thanks for coming by my humble blog! Have a great week ahead!

Monday, 15 August 2011

August Challenge at Made With Love

It's my turn to host the DT challenge over at Made With Love this week and I have decided to set a recipe challenge for our local scrappers. We often visit sketch sites or have scraplift challenges. A recipe challenge is basically the same as any other challlenge except that there are various 'ingredients' within the recipe that the scarpper must fulfill to meet the challenge criteria. So, I have named my challenge as the 1-2-3-4 recipe challenge!

You need to have all of the following 'ingredients' on your layout.
1 medium (of any kind, paint, inks, mists. In my layout, I painted gold mica flakes on the MF frame and used Versamagic Brown ink over the mask)
2 photos
3 ribbons (Ribbons of any form, tulle, lace, velvet, satin, etc. Ok...and I cheated here, I used the same lace ribbon twice, one for the border and one for the top but there's no restriction on this, right? Lol ;-P )
4 embellishments
5 words or more on your layout (You can use this in your title too!)

This is the layout that I have came up with for the challenge, titled,'Gentle Reminders'. Lately, I have been yelling at my girl a lot. Not just 'a lot' but 'A LOT'! Some days, I seriously dunno how to handle her anymore with her rebellion and stubborness and retorts. I have tried time-outs, no tv, scolding and even spanking once or twice but still she remains unchanged. I dunno how to control myself and it's really bad for baby A3, I I just have to scrap a gentle reminder to myself to learn to be tolerant and patient and loving though sometimes I feel like yanking someone's head off!

Close-ups. The frame painted with gold mica flakes and the Prima crystal that I added onto the tulle ribbon.

Love those rub-ons from Kaiser Craft. I got like almost the entire set. Talk about de-stashing...sighs...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy National Day Singapore

This is the second National Day that we are spending in Singapore. Words cannot describe the homesickness whenever Singaporeans are on public holiday and celebrating away on 9th August when we were away in Shanghai. The kids now have a better awareness of National Day especially since both of them have had celebrations in their respective schools, and I am comforted that they know more about the country they were born in and belong to.

I hope the kids will 'remember'. There are lots to remember about for them- the alienation of being foreigners in a different country (though we may have simlar cultures), the blessedness of living in a safe and stable country, the comforts that Singapore has to offer and most importantly, they must remember to be thankful for all that!

Lots of fun in creating this layout using old and new stuff from Crate Paper. I splattered some white paint on the background. It's been a while since I took out my mediums to 'play'!Lots of layering as usual, but a really fast layout once the white paint is dried as I assembled everything together.

Do join in the National Day challenge over at Made With Love. There are 3 prizes to be won. One winner will be chosen by the MWL DT and the other 2 winners will be randomly picked. Ooohhh...lots of excitement plus the CHA orders are shipping inover the next few weeks! Looks like Christmas has arrived early on our shores! Lol!

Once again, Happy National Day to all Singaporeans!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

We Saw Mickey!

Life really does get in the way (literally!) Baby A3 is on her way and Mummy here is just getting too exhausted to get any scrapping done. I dread to think of how I am going to cope with a primary school going child who needs help with her school work, an active 5 year old, attention seeking boy and a little baby when she's out.

I have tried to get started early on preparing Teachers' Day gifts but I have put together only 3 out of 8 albums and a photo frame I am preparing. I have not yet 'zuttered' my 3 albums yet, so they are 'unassembled'. Anyhow, here's sharing a layout that I completed a couple of weeks ago on our Hongkong Disneyland Trip. I just realised that last month was the first month after I had gotten my DSLR that I had not taken any photos of my two kids!Sighs...

The papers were from S.E.I. I rarely use this brand of papers but this range was just too cheery to miss and I like all the amusement park icons that they have added for this range! And I also love this set of Technique Tuesday's stamps. The quotes are simply meaningful and I am so looking forward to more new arrivals from them when they reach our shores soon. CHA products are already on their way! Yippee!!

I gotta go and get the eldest ready for school soon. Please do hang around and drop in. This hassled mama is still trying to work things out and cope though it's baby no. 3....

Monday, 11 July 2011

One For You, One For Me

Oopsss!!! Anyone still coming in here to check for updates??? I am sorry for *missing in action* for the past week. My apologies, but with the kids going back to school after their June break, the driving tires me out easily again, especially now that I have a little bump to carry about till December...I do miss crafting lots but I have decided that I need to get started on my Teacher's Day presents and August challenge that I am hosting over at MWL given the speed that I am scrapping now...;-(

This is for my assignment over at MWL this week. Have you ever tried scrapping with multiple photos? A single photo is always easy to layer with papers and embellish but ultimately, scrapping is about presevering the moments and sometimes, multiple photos just tell the story on its own, like in this case of the kids sharing their snacks at Hongkong Disneyland. I first took out a packet of biscuit sticks to share among them but they finished it up so quickly and asked for more! Then the elder sister who gets very meticulous when the two are faced with their favourite stuffs, took over the division of assets. Lol!

The papers are from Websters Pages- Ladies & Gents' collection and Country Estate. I love the vellum that Websters Pages produced. The cut-outs add a subtle touch to the layouts and I tried crumbling up a vellum page before scrapping on it and it gives a different texture and adds dimension too! A very versatile material which sadly many companies have stopped manufacturing.

Some close-ups so that you can see the layering better...

The chipboard is from Dusty Attic. I mounted the photo on the chipboard base to matt it and then added the frame to draw attention to the most important photo! This is one way of making your core photo stand out when you have a series of photos from a single occasion to share.

Love that petal from Websters. So soft and subtle... ...The lollipop and leaves were pulled out from an older Websters Pages Petals pack from last year's collection! I rearranged them and paired them up with the yellow flower on this LO.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

So Fun!

I finally scrapped something after almost a month of not getting near my papers and mediums and scrappy stuff! There was a rush of joy as I finally put together a layout after the hubster brought the kids out for a swim and lunch. Thank God for the hands-on daddy!

As the June holidays draw to an end over this weekend, I find myself beginning to miss the kids already. When they are around, I am kept busy on my toes and the house is so noisy with their shouting and laughter and my screams. However, when the kids are at school, I find myself wondering if they are coping alright, eating well and handling any situation properly?

Anyhow, presenting my first layout in a month! (Hope I have turned too 'rusty' here...)

I scrapped a photo of the kids with Buzz Lightyear at Hongkong Disneyland. Asher loves this character, and sometimes even sign off as 'Buzz Lightyear' on his homework. The kids really enjoyed Disneyland though it was a smaller theme park and we visited the park for 2 days since we had a discounted 2-day pass to the park. The hubster and I just trudged our tired legs along with them, following them to the various station games they were interested in playing.

I used another sketch from Creative Scrappers for this layout again and modified it a little. The papers were from S.E.I and had just arrived at MWL last week. I was delighted to find the series of amusement park- themed papers which were a perfect match for my disneyland photos!

Some close-ups...lots of layering of papers and embellies as usual...I love that little ferris wheel wooden sticker. I had gotten the sticker from Tokyu Hands 2 years ago when we visited Osaka! Lol, what a hoarder I am!

Some puffies and rubber stickers from K.I and K & Co. that I have been hoarding forever too!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Crate Paper - Emma Collection

Hellooo!!! Anybody still coming by here???

I have been really really busy in the last two weeks. School's out for the older one and I have been nursing a bad sinus cold that developed into a terrible cough. I have been waking up several times a night coughing or by the two kids who suddenly have problems sleeping through. They have started to have very active imagination of monsters and ghosts lurking behind the curtains. And finally, I met with an accident on the road just a few days ago while rushing to send Asher to school.

I am thankful for His mercy and protection. It was not serious and Asher was not a bit shocked. He thought I had driven the car into a hole!!! Anyhow, it has taught me a lesson and I have resolved to rest early as I need to drive so often on the road and a patient and well- rested mummmy is a happy mummy to the kids too.

This ia a recent layout I have scrapped of Adah using Emma's Collection from Crate Paper. I love this collection, just the right amount of floral and vintage! And that girl is certainly growing fast. I am so thankful for this matured and responsible girl even though she does have a fair amount of tantrums and retort. I can always count on her help and support whenever I need it even though she may not be able to execute them perfectly. After all, she is 6 going on 7 only!

A close-up of the layering I have done. I used Sketch #155 from Creative Scrappers for the layout. Sketch sites are my go-to sites to get a headstart whenever I get a scrapping block...and there's just so much talent out there that I am reminded to be humble and be alert to new trends.

I have been slow in scrapping and taking pictures lately. It's a chore having to lug the kids' stuff and the DSLR around whenever we head out for outings during this holidays. I usually bring the kids about on my own and having to watch over two active monsters and take care of my camera baby is just too tedious. Also I have been planning activities for them daily.
Mondays - Outings
Tuesdays - Cooking @ Home. We have done baking and pizzas.
Wednesdays - Water Play and Kung Fu in the evenings.
Thursdays - Bible Class and Art n Craft
Fridays - Outings or Outdoor Play.

I am runnign out of ideas. Any suggestions please?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Crate Paper- Toy Story Collection

We are back from our Hongkong trip! It was fun though I came down with flu just a day before we left for Hongkong. Thank God by the time we were at the Disneyland Resort, I was recovering and I am really happy to see the kids enjoying themselves so much despite the hot, hot, hot weather. I feel blessed whenever I see their father being hands-on with the kids, monkeying around with them and accompanying them on rides despite his tiredness. He may not be the best care-giver but he is definitely the playful parent between us and I am amazed at how he keeps up his energy levels entertaining the kids!

I completed this layout for Made With Love before we left for our holiday. This is Asher, sitting contentedly at the the top of a slide at the playground near our place and blowing bubbles away. I used Crate Paper's Toy Story Collection and added a Melissa Frances frame to draw attention to my favourite pic. I also used the Tim Holtz ribbon and film tape, love how versatile they are especially on my boy's layouts!

I had distressed the frame with blue Versamagic ink, Tim Holtz distressed inks in blue and tied on the metal charm with blue baker's twine.

This is a really simple layout, put together quickly in less than three hours. I don't like flowers on boy's layout and I kept the embellishing simple as I did not want to take away the attention from the vintage toys background paper.

Thanks for coming by to visit! Have a great week ahead and enjoy the June holidays!

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Yes, that's my girl. She looks so grown-up now but she's only all of 6+ years old. When she is in her school uniform, she still looks like a kid and she seems thinner these days or has grown lanky.

The encouragement from being featured over at Websters Pages gave me some courage to post this layout that I had done some time back. I was getting mojo-less but still tried to scrap and this was what I came out with. I took a break from scrapping, just relaxed, stayed away from scrap blogs, read a lot of trashy novels, watched TV and did everything except scrap. I am happy to say that the mojo is slowly returning and I am so looking forward to our family trip to Hongkong. The kids have been looking forward to it because of Disneyland and they have been on their best behaviour in case their incentive trip is denied! Lol!

Anyway, back to the layout. How do one scrap the papers from Websters Pages without any little bit of cutting? Sometimes I do tire of cutting and layering, but somehow I always find my layouts somehwat similar. Perhaps this is what is known as style?

Some close-ups. Have I mentioned before that I love love love the fabric tags? Adds a different sort of textures that softens the whole 'paper' look immediately.

Some pleating for dimension.

The June hols are finally here! I have never looked forward so much to June since I left school. Lol! Have a good break, everyone!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I am featured over at Websters Pages!

My layout 'Treasure' has been chosen as Banner of the Week over at Websters Pages! It may be nothing to many experienced or much publicised scrappers but for me, it is indeed a very valuable encouragement that the Lord has sent my way. I had been feeling mojo-less and it took me almost 2 weeks to complete this layout and another which I had mentioned in a previous post. So with the encouragement and appreciation from other friends and fellow scrappers which has came my way, I am more motivated to continue my crafting hobby.

Websters Pages has indeed evolved into a very dynamic and exciting company over the years. Even though they have a very distinct design line, they have been coming up with new products and their latest Trendsetter collection is a big change from their previous lines. Do hope over to their ning site to take a look at the gallery and participate in the forum. I have made many friends there and I am so humbled when I look at other ladies' work. It's just inspiring and exciting as you can literally feel the vibes in the forum!