Saturday, 19 September 2009

So Coy

Another layout using Basic Grey's can tell I love my Basic Grey and Websters! Lol!!! Not all of Basic Grey though, some of their papers are too exotic looking for me and I can't see myself putting a layout with them. These are what I call difficult yummy and good looking but too difficult for me to tackle cos I dunno what to do with them. And this is my latest rule that I keep in mind when making purchases to save $$$, dun buy papers that I can't foresee a layout with.

So Coy

Adah at 6 months old. I dunno how I managed to capture this look of hers with my idiot proof, point and shoot digital camera. I am still at that stage of photography, I dun really dare to venture into another hobby that may require an expensive initial upfront payment though I think I may enjoy it and it will definitely contribute to my layouts' asthestics!

Anyhow, I am still happy with my regular digital camera which has managed to take some of these close-ups. I actually think that they are getting also a little sophisticated these days with their functions too. You just have to figure out how to use them appropriately...

So Coy 3

So Coy 2

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Good news and a sneakie

Good news to share...I am on the Design Team for Scrap Inspire Create!!! I am so honored to be joining Jasmine and the rest of the DT over at SIC, and my term will start from October and end in March next year. At this point, I can't help but wonder how time seems to just zoom by these days, or am I getting old and nostalgic already??? I was just showing Asher the photos of his daddy and me taken during our uni days and he couldn't recognise us! Daddy had long hair as it was the trend then and Mummy was so big-sized and tanned from all the sports and outdoor activities then...

Back to the topic of being on SIC's DT team...I was so excited that I completed my layout for October's challenge within days of receiving it, so I am going to show a sneakie here. One of my favourite LOs...

Got Food 2

Here's another layout that I have done recently...simple but at least it's a different color combination from my usual. Tittled 'The First Gift', its a reminder to Adah who's pictured playing with her first present from her Por Por that her first gift from her is actually her love. I was blessed to have my mum together with me while delivering Adah. During the labour, I suddenly missed her a lot and just burst out crying when I heard her voice on the phone. The labour was so long that she actually managed to make it to the hospital to witness Adah's birth. She was so excited that she immediately went shopping at the basement shopping arcade and brought back this teether which has a loud, noisy music function!

The First Gift

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Butterfly Crafts Challenge #20

Time just flies by before we know it. Its the end of my short term with Butterfly Crafts as their DT member. It has been fun participating in the cyber crop that Karen has put together and getting to know everyone else on the DT. I remember how excited I was when I first received news that I am on the DT and how I couldn't wait for the first challenge to come along and now, its all over before we know it! And we are entering the last quarter of the year...when I was a banker doing sales, our performance was always assessed based on quarterly targets and I remember how I would always name and remember the year by quarters.'s been a long time, but it always seemed so near yet so far past.

Back to the challenge- scrap about a summer family tradition. We came from Singapore where it's always sunny all year round and we never got a chance to experience the four seasons until we came to Shanghai. I hate winter because it always seem to just get colder and more dreary. The sun sets by 5 pm and its all dark, and of course, the kids fall sick more easily.For me and my little family, I think we miss our fun in the pool most whenever we are not in sunny Singapore! So once the weather gets warmer, or when we are back in Singapore, we will definitely visit the pool! Adah is absolutely a water babe and Asher is beginning to enjoy water play too. This summer, Adah started formal swimming classes and is absolutely delighted to find that she can swim on her own!( Journaling is on the top left of the page)

The Layout
Challenge 20 - Summer Time!

Some close-ups
Summer Time 2

Summer Time 3

Summer Time 1

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Just wanna share that 3 out of my 4 layouts done using Basic Grey products have been chosen to be displayed in their online Gallery at !

Woah Whee!!! I had shared all the layouts in the post just below. When I went to surf their gallery just now, I was so impressed by the talent there. I am so honored to be a part of it!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First Day back to School

Its the first day of school finally after the summer holidays! Adah has been home with me for the past 9 weeks and I think she's really enjoying it. She has been in a lousy, emo mood in the past 2 days and even lost her appetite. She did not even want her favourite roasted pigeon! Was a rush- rush- rush day for me today, ferrying Adah to school, groceries and then picking Asher and Adah up again. I was sort of looking forward to having some free time after Adah starts school again but I started missing her the minute I left her school. So weird not to hear her incessant chatter and 'Mummy' requests after having her as my shadow for the past 9 weeks....Adah cried a little in school today. It always happen when I drop her off at school...sighs...but just now in the evening, she started to complain that her throat hurts and she was feeling cold. So, I guess this must be the start of a new viral infection again. Now, I am just praying hard that Asher doesn't catch anything from her. It always take him ages to get better :-(

Some layouts to share done over the last 2 weeks, all of Asher's in his 4th month. He was so chubby then. Hope I am able to complete both kids' first year album by the end of this year. Its my scrappin' goal for this year. I have so much to scrap and so much to journal for them, and time just flies by...Its already september now! Imagine that! Where did all my time go to?

Lil Explorer for Lotus Paperie Challenge #138
Challenge138- Lil Explorer

Love Dat Smile
Love Dat Smile

Smile using Sketch #31 from