Saturday, 24 July 2010


Managed to complete these 2 layouts over the psat 2 weeks. I am still figuring out how best to edit my photos. If I use Adobe Photoshop, the colors turn out really extreme dark/bright and retro looking and I am not sure how to change that. So I am back to using Picasa for convenience and quick uploading and hopefully more frequent blogging....

'My Little Star'using the new Basic Grey Oliver Lace Cardstock. The colors matches Asher's dark blue sweater perfectly. I dun think I will see him in such pullovers for a long time. This was taken in winter in Shanghai just before our return.

'Smile' using lots of Websters. I have been hoarding my papers from Websters pages for a long time and I really need to use them out. I have been checking out the new CHA sneak peeks and there are quite a number of paper lines I would like to I have to clear out my stash quickly!!! This picture just makes me smile whenever I look at it. There is rarely such moments of peace and co-operation from the kids these days. But whenever I see this pic, I just feel good and blessed for these two monsters, so this layout is hanging on my wall now, to remind me to remember their cuteness and not their monsterous behaviour!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Pregnancy Journal

I am bursting with excitement over a piece of good news but since the blessed couple does not want to share yet, I'll keep it a secret. But this pregnancy journal is a gift for them and its really pretty, the way it turned out. I am quite happy with all the internal pages except the front. Just dun like the brown color and I dunno why I chose it in the first place....
My favourite page is the one that says '9 months' with the bright red birds perched on the prima lace...Anyhow, I am now able to do a layout or a small project once a week, so I am quite happy about it. It takes me a week cos' I can only complete in small parts. I usually start crafting in the nights after clearing the housework and putting the kids to bed. By the time I am showered and ready to start, I am exhausted and too un-inspired. Scrapbooking will always remain a favourite activity but I have to remember that I have other priorities before that. Being too tired doesn't make me a nice mum and I dun want my kids to remember me as the grouchy, naggy tired mum.