Monday, 23 February 2009

New Releases from Elzybells

Elzybells Art Stamps has released some new sets of clear and rubber stamps today. You should really check them out. I like their stamps for their simple and clean cut lines, and yet their stamps are so fun to color in. Also, the sentiments thought up by Elizabeth are so witty, humorous and fits the themes of the stamps so well.

There are a total of 20 stamps released- 6 clear and 14 rubber. My top 3 favourites have got to be the 'Hey Cupcake', 'Just Desserts' and the oh-so-cute 'Gingerbread Man'. 'Hey Cupcake' for its versatility. Imagine the number of combinations u can get from combining the different stamps available! Check out Elzy's blogs and her fellow design team members' for inspiration. ' Just Desserts' has such cute sentiments with Elzy's trademark girl that I just burst out loud laughing over them at the laptop. My sis has to give me that weird rebel teen look! And of course, that gingerbread man looks so cute and yummilicious! Sigh!!!

On another note, being back in Singapore meant I went into a shopping frenzy. I am at the 2 LSS every week, checking out their new arrivals and every week I swore to myself that I will not be buying anymore and yet I am back the next week! All these, on top of my online sprees. I have amassed such a collection of stamps over the past month that I dunno how to face myself even when I look at the amount of stash in my luggage to lug back to Shanghai. And here I am still blogging away about Elzybells' new stamps and hoping to score at winning all 20 new stamps! Check out her blog for more details!

And I am returning to Shanghai this sunday. Sighs...

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