Wednesday, 24 March 2010

So we are back...

Yes....we are back in Singapore and I'm blogging this from the comfort of my own home finally. It has been crazy trying to get the kids adjusted back to Singapore's weather and environment, moving into our house, unpacking 112 boxes delivered from Shanghai, etc etc...Sadly, Adah is dropping her cute accent of American English/ Singlish and Asher is refusing to speak chinese now!

Anyhows, just to share some layouts that I managed to get done in our last days in Shanghai. I managed to do another few since moving back but they hardly impressed me. I am feeling totally hot and bothered and mojo-less these days...

1) A Boy's Life (trying out some techniques learnt at Lee Nah's class, totally cool! She is one talented photographer and scrapper!)

2) Explore (Vintagy/ Retro attempt, I like trying different looks...yet to determine what is really my style but I like changes so I think I will change once I get too comfortable with one)

3) Diva and Shine (Adah's final christmas concert with Fortune Kindergarten. How cute she looked in that black ballet costume)

4) Three ( Again full of Prima's and Websters Goodness'. I have stocked up so much of Websters Pages that I got to quickly use them up before new stuff is out again!)

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