Friday, 23 July 2010

Pregnancy Journal

I am bursting with excitement over a piece of good news but since the blessed couple does not want to share yet, I'll keep it a secret. But this pregnancy journal is a gift for them and its really pretty, the way it turned out. I am quite happy with all the internal pages except the front. Just dun like the brown color and I dunno why I chose it in the first place....
My favourite page is the one that says '9 months' with the bright red birds perched on the prima lace...Anyhow, I am now able to do a layout or a small project once a week, so I am quite happy about it. It takes me a week cos' I can only complete in small parts. I usually start crafting in the nights after clearing the housework and putting the kids to bed. By the time I am showered and ready to start, I am exhausted and too un-inspired. Scrapbooking will always remain a favourite activity but I have to remember that I have other priorities before that. Being too tired doesn't make me a nice mum and I dun want my kids to remember me as the grouchy, naggy tired mum.

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Wendy Kwok said...

hi you won something on my blog. Check it out! Btw, I love that BG layout you did! Gorgeous