Thursday, 18 June 2009

Scared For Butterfly Crafts Challenge #14

I know I promised a sneak preview of my design team work for Butterfly Crafts but there was no way I could log into Blogger properly. I am logging in via a free anoymous proxy and it helps me to log in to Blogger with the most basic features. I can't edit to add the Butterfly Crafts logo on my left sidebar or add in anything for that matter. I can't upload pictures and can only include pictures by doing a cut and paste on the url from Flickr, and even then, there are days I can't log into Flickr at all!!!! So it has been very frustrating and I am hoping to get some internet access when I am back in Singapore for the next week amd do some editing on my blog details...

Speaking of which, our LSS in Singapore are having huge sales because its the Great Singapore Sale (I think) and my SB friend has kindly offered to pick up my reservations if I want any. She is sooo helpful!! I am looking forward to going back to Singapore next week. I will make sure I shop and eat those foods I miss most in the limited time I have there...yay!

Enough of ramblings, here's the layout I have done for my first assignment for Butterfly Crafts. We are supposed to do something related to our childhood fear and this is mine. When I was younger, my mum always threatened that the witch would come get me and cut off my tongue if I lied. And this thought just lingered on even though I knew it was just a threat as I got older. It gives me the creeps to look at these witches' images and so I didn't like my ride through Snow White's world very much at Disneyland cos it just reminded me of my childhood fear. Its strange how these childhood impressions last. I have got a girlfriend who doesn't like receiving flowers especially roses because her mum used to plant flowers and to prevent her from plucking the flowers and destroying the plants, she will tell her the thorns are teeth which will bite her!???

Butterfly crafts challenge #14- Adeline

Scared i

Scared ii

Am keeoing my fingers crossed that blogsites will once again be freed up in the country I am residing in...sighs...

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