Sunday, 7 June 2009

RAK over at Sophia's Blog

Sophia is one of the sweetest SB friend whom I came to know online after I started scrapbooking actively. I blog hop over to her blog ever os often, admiring her works and looking for inspiration in the process when I am out of mojo. And everytime I read her posts, I am touched by her gratefulness and thankfulness to God for His provision and I am ashamed of my own lack of gratitude at times...Sophia also RAK-ed me some stash when she knew I was starting out and in Shanghai, I could hardly lay my hands on any eye- candy worthy stuff!

And to celebrate her finding a buyer for her home, Sophia is giving away another RAK. So hop over to her blog over at to read about the details and find out more about this lovely and passionate lady to her 'D's (Daren and David) and scrapbooking. I hope to meet up with her soon when I am back to Singapore in 2 weeks' time! (Yippee!!!)

I will have a sneak preview of the work done for my first layout as DT member for Butterfly Crafts in my next post. Watch out for it!!! I am quite happy with the concept but not entirely satisfied with the I hope I get some time to rearrange the elements a bit before the post is out on the 15th. I have been so occupied this week with Adah's school activities that I am totally exhausted (plus the aftermath of a rainy exhuasting Disneyland/ sea trip).

Enjoy what's left of the wonderful weekend.

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Sophia said...

So sweet of you to mention of my RAK giveaway! :)

Thanks babe!

Looking forward to your return back to Singapore!