Sunday, 6 December 2009

Scrap Inspire Create December Challenge


For My Children

For my children,
Whose hands are still so small,
They fit into mine to rely, and to hold so tight.

One day, you both will grow so tall,
And I will wonder if my job has been done right?
You will eventually reach out for the sky,
May you shine like the stars in the night.

Soon you will hold another hand,
Then embark on your new lives.
Soon you will also have small fingers to guide,
You will then realise what it's like.
The happiness and discouragement,
That comes with undconditional love;
Because of these blessings from above.

Will you then be back,
To clasp the wrinkled hands,
Filled with lines and crease
But once held yours with ease?

Written by Me (AAMummy), for the two children who have put me through so much tests, self examination and self doubt, yet there's no way my love for them will waver; and perhaps that's why there is also so much hurt and disappointment somtimes.


sarah said...

what a beautiful thing to write! :) tfs!

Jenn said...

thumbs up