Friday, 4 December 2009

Canvas Art

What have I been up to recently??? Rushing, rushing, rushing through the christmas pressies that I am supposed to make for family and friends before we leave for Singapore next Sunday morning. That is a total of 11 altered frames for the children's teachers and friends, 23 altered albums and 2 canvases. Then, there's the family gifts which I have yet to start on...sighs...I'm in trouble. Looks like there's no way I might be able to complete everything on time unless there are 48 hours in a day. And I think I have rushed through the pieces that I think I might just puke if there's another frame in sight for alteration! Has anyone felt that way before? Morale of the story: Might as well just start your hand made christmas pressies from the beginning of the year! 2 a month will be just nice in timing...Lols.

First Canvas I ever done. It's for LF. Our friendship goes back 19 years. OMG! It's been that long??? Well, the pics show her baby girl on her first year old birthday. I had to get a 40x30 cm canvas to accomodate so many photos. Hope she likes it. I like that rich pink color. I mixed that from poster paint. Only problem is I didn't seal the paint in, so there had better be no spills on the canvas.

Celebrate ONE
Celebrate One

Second canvas for a girlfriend I met in Shanghai. She is also Singaporean and turned out to be the hubster's ex- uni classmate! What a small world? Anyway, I called it 'Ladies of the House' cos her mum is living with her to help take care of her 2 little gals. I like this canvas better though it turned out quite differently from the original concept I had in mind. I mixed the blue from poster paint but added gesso to seal in the colors. I like how 'arty' the gesso made the canvas background look. Wat a saver!

Ladies of the House
Ladies of the House

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