Saturday, 19 June 2010


Have not been up to any layouts last week. I attended Irene Tan's class at my local LSS last sunday. It was definitely exciting and fun! I was looking forward to the me-time away from chores and kids and learning some new techniques and the session definitely did not fail me. However, I must say that my actions and movements feel like the oldest in class even though I am sure I am one of the youngest! Sighs....Need to attend more of these classes to brush up my skills...Anyhow, I have managed to complete the album and here's how it looked like. I love it! Thanks to Irene for her teaching and sharing.

Also am in the midst of doing an album just on the kids alone. It's not yet completed but here's the front cover of it, and I'll share the inner pages once its completed...

I ran into Leena at the course last Sunday. She is so encouraging and so I am inspired to just take random shots and practice my photography...So here goes, the stack of clothes I have to iron and fold daily! LOLs! See u around again soon...Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

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