Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Backdated works

I have not been idle...just that I hardly have time to be on the PC. ALso, I make a conscious effort now to switch on the PC only when I need it and not leave it on or in idle mode when not in use. It does make a difference now that we are back to paying for electricity and water on our own. And I dun remember Singapore being so hot previously, so we have decided to make a consious effort to conserve energy.

Some layouts I have been up to. Siblings inspired for MWL's challenge in April hosted by Leena. She is one talented lady with an eye for beauty and is an extremely creative scrapper and photographer. Speaking of which, she has just started her own photoblog too. Hop over for a look...this lady inspires!

And I dunno wats with the photo editing software on my laptop but the colors came out all weird and bright. Guess I will have to re-learn how to adjust them...can someone help me on this? Anyhow, back to the layout, its one of my favourites among those I have completed recently and its now framed up on the wall.

Another one on the kiddos, using my favourite papers from Websters. I really love my DSLR and finally I get a chance to dabble with photography, another one of my underlying wishes since college days. So I do try to take more photos of the kids to practise, but am still stuck with playing around the basics! Sighs...wish there's 48 hours in a day.

I made the banner for this which bore the tittle of my layout, Love. I likey! So bright and cheerful and a change from the cutting and romantic, vintagey chic look on my layouts, using my leftover papers from MME.

Goodbye Shanghai, Hello Singapore! A layout to remember the big day when we are finally heading back home. Looking back, I do have mixed feelings about this country which we have lived in for 3 years. The lifestyle is more relaxed and being away from family and friends, we have less interference in our lives too. I get really stressed when people start asking me where do we plan to send Adah to for primary school, whether she is ready, etc etc...Sometimes, I wish the kids will be stuck at this adorable age and not grow up!

Signficant- to mark Adah's 1 year old. She was such a diffcult and persistent baby that sometimes I wonder how I survived her infant days. But day after day, she grew and she finally turned one and seriously, no matter how diffcult your child is, a mother's love is still unconditional. (Even though, sometimes I think the kids dun think so when their mum is always screaming her head off at them!)

The first time you called mama. Again, another one of Adah's milestones. So I am finally catching up on Adah's first year album...That leaves Asher's to be done and considering the amount of photos I took of them...there are so much to be scrapped. Sometimes I look at the video clips we took of them back then and regret not taking more, as I really have forgotten how they were like back then already...

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