Monday, 17 January 2011

Miss U So So Much for Made With Love

'I miss you so so much......' That is what the little boy will say whenever he doesn't see any of us for some time. Some time varies from 30 mins to 3 hours. Ever since Adah has started Primary 1, the two kids see each other for less than 3 hours on weekdays as both are in different sessions. It is taking the boy some time to adjust to life without a playmate and everytime he picks his sister up from school, this is what he says to her. It makes all of us go soft and even cranky and tired Adah will be nicer to him and hug him.

For this week's assignment from Made With Love, we are to feature mediums. I used a paper from Pink Paislee's Parisan Anthology for the background and started by blending in the distressed ink (tumbled glass) for the border.Then I sprayed all over with the Maya Mist (Buttermilk Mist). Definitely lots of fun and therapeutic in a way as you feel the 'woo-sh' from the spray! Lol!

I stamped the background ledger stamp onto the paper with Glimmer Glam (Copper Kettle). It gives a nice, shiny, sparkly, look and the details from the stamp are not compromised! As for the swirl from Pink Paislee's Artisan Elements, I embossed it with clear embossing powder before painting it with Glitter Glam (Copper Kettle) and Glitter Glaze (Cowboy). The end result- a light brown with a red/orangy tint. Still enjoying the fun, I decided to swipe lightly Glitter Glam (Copper Kettle and Pink Lady) over the row of white rosettes.

The mediums used.

Definitely lots of fun playing with the paints and inks and glazes here! Remember to have a heat gun around. It comes in handy when you need a quick drying time. For me, I completed the project in parts over the week cos I was too bushed out from chauffeuring the two monsters from 2 sessions. I lost count of the number of times I drive out in a day to pick them and run errands! And in my impatience to get the the embossing done quickly, I decided to use the hair dryer that was conveniently lying around after the kids' shower and it blew the embossing powder all over my study room and scrap stuff when I switched on to the highest temperature and fan speed! Yikes! Lots of cleaning up after a long day but that's all the part of the fun of scrapping and life!


Juanna Hope said...

hi! may i ask, what stamp did you use for the tiny rows of wordings on the background? love your layout! thanks for being an inspiration (:

salme said...

This is beautiful!