Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

Some news update. We have a new lovely addition to our family- Baby A3. She's a lovely little princess and the two older kids are delighted to have her around, both fighting to play the role of older protective sibling.

The not-so-good news was Adah and Asher are both down with HFMD even before my confinement period is over. For Singaporean Chinese, new mothers generally observe a month of staying home, resting and eating certain foods to nourish and rest the body after delivery. But this period has certainly been very stressful with the kids falling sick after Christmas and they were not able to make it to school this week, after I tried to 'hype up' the back-to-school-fun. Sighs...sadly too, I sat out my birthday and christmas at home while the hubster brought the two older kids out, thinking that was the best gift to me, letting me have some peace, quiet and rest.

Well, my confinement's almost over and I just pray that baby and myself will be safe from the HFMD. I am thankful for God's grace upon Adah and Asher that they are finally eating some foods after days of not eating and crying in pain. Church members have been calling and praying for us too. It may be a rocky start to 2012 but I am thankful that the good Lord has shown His goodness to our family.

I hope to settle into a routine with the 3A kids and start scrapping soon... How I miss my own me-time...


shaggyfish said...

congrats to an addition blessings to your family!! love the baby photo... GREAT! yah.. sometimes rocky start means to test us a lot, be patience and I'm sure after the rain.. will see rainbow!!!
have a great and blessed year ahead.

Julia Cheang said...

Congratulations to your little bundle of joy and wishing your the other two As a speedy recovery! :)