Sunday, 26 July 2009

Bolster Layout for Butterfly Crafts Challenge #16

Challenge 16 - Adeline

This is the layout I did for Butterfly Crafts Challenge #16. You have to scrap something about your quirks and idiosynscrasies. Things that you do that make you special, maybe a pet peeve or a fuuny habit. It can be weird or normal but basically anything that's you!

I decided to scrap on Adah's love for her bolster which we call it her 'Chou Chou'. It means smelly in chinese. She just grew so attached to it around the time she was 8 moonths old and will simply hold it around the house wherever she goes. (Thankfully she never asked to bring it out when we had to leave the house) At first, we thought she just loved to cuddle it but later on I discovered she was obsessed with twirling the little label on the side of her bolster cover. It happened when we ran out of covers during a period of stomach flu and vomiting. We were out of covers after washing them of her vomit and tears and I had to use one which came without the side label. She started fussing and crying and tried so hard to explain in her toddler language what she was looking for!

I sprayed the hearts cut out from KI lace cardstock with Glimmer Mist (shared half from Annissa and brought back from Singapore!) and had hidden journaling in the accordian sticker (with a moon picture) attached with a brad. I went easy on this LO and wanted the focus to be on the photos so I tried not to over-embellish the page and fill it up every where. Paper is from Sandylion which I bought off Taobao here in Shanghai at a super good deal!

It says: You have to hug your bolster with you since you were 8 months old. When you will younger, you will kick up a fuss and throw a tantrum if you can't have your bolster when you were sleepy. I had to buy a few spares just in case you threw up or dirtied them, but all you actually cared about was the feel of twilring the small label on the side of the bolster cover when you needed to fall asleep! I had to have covers specially sewn for you with a ribbon similar to the white one in the LO when the manufacturer stopped producing these covers and had to ravfe about how pretty the pink flowers were in order to get you to accept them!

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