Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cards Designed for Simon Says Stamp

I have been on such a roll in the last fortnight! Since our return from Singapore, Adah was plunged into a full-day sumemr school program. Since the school has a no-nap policy, Adah was sent to bed around 7.30 pm every evening and she hardly argued about it because she was so exhausted by the end of the day. By the end of the first week, her enthusiasm for "summer school with no nap" weaned off and she was beginning to hanker for her "luxurious afternoon naps" and began whining for school to end. And I took advantage of the situation to train her to fall asleep on her own without having me to lie in with her. She hardly bargained as she ws so exhausted. By the second week, I also started Asher on sleeping on his own. He took some time to get adjusted and falls asleep later than his usual these days as he is constantly coming off his bed to "check on me", but he hardly protested or cried (which surprised me!!!) He probably picked up the cues from his sister and was pretty good with adjusting to fall asleep without Mummy by his side.

So all these freed me up and now that I dun fall asleep while lying in with the kids, I have more time in the nights to scrap! And I am so enjoying it. I finished almost an LO every night in the first week and over this past week, I came up with the following 5 sets of cards for my DT assignment with Simon Says Stamp after collecting my stamps from Singapore during my last trip. I am not going to start again on how my post keeps missing in Shanghai but I am so happy to hold my SB kits and new papers and stamps that I spent a few nights just going through them over and over again!

These are my cards to share! Will be putting up my new layouts soon also... ...

1) So Happy For You
So Happy For You- Front

So Happy for You- Back

2) I Have You in my Heart
I have you in my heart- Front

I have you in my heart

3) Just Saying Hello
Just Saying Hello- Front

Just Saying Hello- Side

4) Sending Warm Wishes (Set of 4 Gift cards)
Sending Warm Wishes Gift Cards

5) Just Saying Hello (Tri-fold card)
Hello Friend- Front

Hello Friend Tri-Fold Card

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