Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First Day back to School

Its the first day of school finally after the summer holidays! Adah has been home with me for the past 9 weeks and I think she's really enjoying it. She has been in a lousy, emo mood in the past 2 days and even lost her appetite. She did not even want her favourite roasted pigeon! Was a rush- rush- rush day for me today, ferrying Adah to school, groceries and then picking Asher and Adah up again. I was sort of looking forward to having some free time after Adah starts school again but I started missing her the minute I left her school. So weird not to hear her incessant chatter and 'Mummy' requests after having her as my shadow for the past 9 weeks....Adah cried a little in school today. It always happen when I drop her off at school...sighs...but just now in the evening, she started to complain that her throat hurts and she was feeling cold. So, I guess this must be the start of a new viral infection again. Now, I am just praying hard that Asher doesn't catch anything from her. It always take him ages to get better :-(

Some layouts to share done over the last 2 weeks, all of Asher's in his 4th month. He was so chubby then. Hope I am able to complete both kids' first year album by the end of this year. Its my scrappin' goal for this year. I have so much to scrap and so much to journal for them, and time just flies by...Its already september now! Imagine that! Where did all my time go to?

Lil Explorer for Lotus Paperie Challenge #138
Challenge138- Lil Explorer

Love Dat Smile
Love Dat Smile

Smile using Sketch #31 from 52sketches52weeks.com

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