Thursday, 26 May 2011

I am featured over at Websters Pages!

My layout 'Treasure' has been chosen as Banner of the Week over at Websters Pages! It may be nothing to many experienced or much publicised scrappers but for me, it is indeed a very valuable encouragement that the Lord has sent my way. I had been feeling mojo-less and it took me almost 2 weeks to complete this layout and another which I had mentioned in a previous post. So with the encouragement and appreciation from other friends and fellow scrappers which has came my way, I am more motivated to continue my crafting hobby.

Websters Pages has indeed evolved into a very dynamic and exciting company over the years. Even though they have a very distinct design line, they have been coming up with new products and their latest Trendsetter collection is a big change from their previous lines. Do hope over to their ning site to take a look at the gallery and participate in the forum. I have made many friends there and I am so humbled when I look at other ladies' work. It's just inspiring and exciting as you can literally feel the vibes in the forum!


bebang said...

wow! congrats! :)

Leena said...

Congratulations girl! Your stunning work deserved a place in their blog! :)