Monday, 22 August 2011

Mama's Little Boy

Woo hoo!!!! I'm on a high after completing the following layout. This month has been really busy, busy, busy! I have been rushing to complete Teacher's Day gifts, class samples for next month,craft masks for Adah's class performance and getting stuff ready for Baby A3!

The following layout was completed in 2 hours and I hardly get even a minute to myself these days, so I was so pleased and satisfied after completing this layout! It's simpler than my usual fussy cutting style, but still layered...These days, I am adopting a look which I think is more neatly layered but yet includes little touches of experimenting like the stitching, stamping or adding of mediums to my work. I guess it has to do with my schedule and the rest that I need more these days. It's really just scrap-stick-go for me these days...(I am not whining but I expect it may just get worse when A3 is here, so I am definitely cherishing my little pockets of freedom!Lol!)

I took the following sketch from Pencil Lines Sketch #250. I still love banners and they just brighten up any page! The pictures of Asher were taken in an underground train station in Hongkong. Love how the patterns on the MME's Line and Dandy Paper match the mosaic tiles in the background!

I had cut out two circles, and stitched around the border with brown DMC thread from Daiso. I do not have any circle cutters so they had to be drawn with a compass and cut out. I also handstitched the stitches randomly, but this time, I used a needle to poke the threading holes first.

I couldn't resist getting the embellishments from this collection. They are just too cute, bright and cheerful!

Thanks for coming by my humble blog! Have a great week ahead!

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Sandy Ang said...

this is such a beautiful layout. and completed in 2 hours - you must be a fast scrapper. Love it if you'd link up to my boy themed challenge here