Monday, 14 November 2011

Waiting for Christmas!!!

Nope, nope, nope...the baby's not out yet though I am walking like a penguin already and I feel larger than an elephant and everyone keeps looking at me knowingly and goes,'Anytime soon right?'

I am not due for another 3 weeks I hope so that I can finish up the projects and layouts I have in mind. A Maya Road shadowbox, showcasing the 3 kiddos. I will have to add the pictures of Baby A3 later on and a couple of layouts to complete the year...I had in mind a huge plan to create an advent calendar for the two older ones but it seems quite impossible now. The school holidays start for Adah this Thursday and I have shifted Asher to a half day program at school, so it means I have less time for myself now since the kids are with me almost all the time and I really do want to spend time with them as much as possible before A3 arrives and gets all my attention for a while.

Well...2 cards finished for Made With Love. They will be on display at the store soon.

The first- A Christmas card. I always loved stamping and coloring in. I used my Copic markers here and I always find coloring and blending a fast and therapuetic way to have some time on my own. It doesn't command full attention from me and I don't get as irritated as when I am distracted from my scrapbooking when the kids call out for me. They are usually intrigued by what I am coloring and start darwing, stamping and coloring along with me!

The stamp is actually an old Sugar Nellie stamp which I had purchased long before any of the local stores here brought in. I still love the nostalgic feel of the image and I added some stickles to brighten up the whole look of the card.

The second card can be used for as a wedding anniversary card or a wedding congratulatory card. I used my leftovers from Crate Paper and the shiny cardstock from AC to die-cut the butterfly. Thanks to Pooi for highly recommending the AC glitter cardstock during one of our crops earlier on. Took her advice and got quite a few of them in different colors but my fav are the silver and gold ones currently! Very suitable for the season...

Ok...this is a short post. Hopefully I can squeeze in some layouts here before I go into labor! ;-)

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