Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bundle of Joy for Your Scrapbook Stash Birthday Week Challenge

This layout is submitted for Your Scrapbook Stash Birthday Week Challange. I wonder if I am still in time, but it has been a bad week, with Adah sick from last Friday till Tuesday, and then now Asher. I am indeed aging, I remember I used to have the stamina to get up several times to check on the kids when they were babies (even when they started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks), but now when I only have to wake up twice in the night to check on them, I get giddy the next morning.

The picture above was one of the first few photos we had of Asher. I was extremely irritated with the business manager of this particular photo studio which was allowed to call on new mothers who had just delivered in the hospital, when I had Adah. She came every morning, as punctual as my gynae to 'encourage' me to take up their package which includes one shot of the newborn. I was pissed off by her persistence but I caved in the end for Adah. With Asher, I wanted to have his photo taken to ensure both kids are treated fairly, but I could not locate her until the day I was due to be discharged!!!

Asher was such a sleepy baby then. He could hardly open his eyes. The paediatric nurse had to undress him to the skin to wake him up for breastfeeding, so I wonder how the photographer managed to wake him. His eyes looked so small and barely open in the picture.

Back to the challenge, we had to go to the gallery of and find a layout that inspires enough for u to scraplift. So, I scraplifted Ericia's one here. I was inspired by the stars used for the little boy. I always seem to have difficulties with boy layouts, cos u can't get all pink and girly, so I really went all out on the stars here! LOL

On a side note, we are due to go back to Singapore for a month!!! month back to my sunny island, without the cold and layers of clothing...but without my scrapbooking supplies, so I will be out of action for a month. Maybe more mojo will return after this break.

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Sophia said...

THat's such a precious LO!!! My boy had his photo taken too and had his hair styled like "Beckham"!

These photo packages really do know how to earn our money. hehehe.