Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cupcake Craft Challenge Week 23

Made this card for Cupcake Craft Weekly Challenge. I wanted a generic card, so no sentiment was used and I will add my own later on in the card once I find an occasion for it. I had in mind when I was putting this card together as a card of encouragement for a friend who just delivered and is facing some stress in handling her baby, but I was contemplating doing a cutesy- welcome- baby- new mum- new life- kind of card for her too. Since I can't decide, the card stays generic.
I used my Unity stamps for these- the flowers and the butterfly. I like this sketch a lot as it is easy to piece together and probably will come up with more using this sketch, once I have more time on my hands. I dunno when though, with our upcoming trip, teaching Adah to read, getting Asher to toilet trained and to speak more...I am getting a bit spooked out by the education standards and expectations in Singapore. My hobby may need to take a little back stand now. After all, I am a mother and a wife first before any other indulgences.
Back to the card, I like the unity stamps I have used cos u can easily embellish it with a rhinstone or faux pearls or u can even pop out the flower part. The butterfly image was meant to be embossed but I have yet to find a good heat gun that gives me the effect I want. I snipped off the feelers of the butterfly cos I did a terrible job at cutting around them. Sighs...will need more practice here!

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Lauren said...

Excellent card - thanks for joining in. xx