Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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Elzybells Blog Challenge #11

Made this card for a dear girlfriend of mine. She discovered something nasty about her health recently. Thank God when I communicated with her today after her check up, she managed to escape near death. We really have to be grateful for the good health we are blessed with, for the simple freedom of being able to stand and breathe freely. I used an Elzybells stamp for this which I had bought from A muse Stamps online at a spree organised sometime back. Much as I hate that the TSL website is down, it has helped me to save some money this month. I'm submitting this for Elzybells Blog Challenge since I was able to work around the colors challenge.

This layout is all about 'Way Back When' Adah was born. Its another challenge found at Creative Scrappers. Joining these challenges pushes me to have the discipline to come out with at least a layout a week. Then I can be on schedule to complete my projects and just ride on the sketches as well.

I remember being in labour for almost 14 hours and those were the first pictures that we caught of Adah when she was out. It's an experience I will never forget. Our lives changed from the very night KS and I headed for the hospital. From the next day onwards, it was no longer just the two of us only. The emotions that ran when I first held my baby, the first time I looked into her eyes (they were already so big then), the first 'Hello' I said to her all form part of the touching moment we first met... ...I still tear whenever I remember those details. Adah has changed my life completely, turned it upside down, messed it up but brought so much joy and happiness to me that I would never trade it for anything else.

Got to apologise for the quality of the photos taken. I think I will have to take a crash course in photography and editing. Anyone please? I will try to re- upload some nicely taken ones again. And I just wanna mention that ain't those little metal shoes cute? Got them off a market here. And I love Maya Road's calendar sheers!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love your card, the sentiment is beautiful.
I hope your friend is ok.

Elizabeth x