Saturday, 7 March 2009

Baby- Pencillines Sketch #124

I have sworn off more purchases except for papers and possibly, stamps, so I am now using all the stash accumulated just over 1 year of starting this hobby. I had wanted to do up first year albums for both the kiddos, so I ended ordering 'monster baby kits' on ebay a few times and now I have 2 cartons of baby related papers and embellishments, etc! No wonder my husband says I could easily buy a rolex by now considering all the amount I have spent on SB!

The sketch I used for this layout is from Pencillines Sketch #124. Pencillines provides sketches weekly for inspiration and I really like their sketches. Simple and clean. Although sometimes I do go overboard with all the layering and embellishing. This layout was completed in a night. I love how much stash I have used up and yet the layout does not have an over-cluttered look. And I love that blue colored paper!

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Sophia said...

Hey Adeline!!

I'm loving the baby layout!!!! So adorable! And look at that cool milk bottle!

Thanks for the card and the RAK! I got them in the mail but haven't had time to blog-surf and leave some love.

Some here I am, leaving some love for you!

We definitely must meet up the next time you're back for a visit!!