Saturday, 9 May 2009

All of 2 Months

All of 2 months- Adah grew so much in just a matter of 2 months that I could hardly recognise the scrawny, dark and skinny baby that we brought home from the hospital It was a challenge adjusting after the confinement lady has left but we DID it! Even now, I can recall vividly the long nights when I had to carry and rock a colicky Adah and walk her up and down the corridor. Those nights seemed so endless then... But now 4.5 years seemed to have just gone by in a's so scaryhow fast the kids just seem to grow up overnight.

I used the layout provided in Challenge #122 over at Lotus Paperie. I have this habit of trying to squeeze in as many pictures into a layout as possible. I thought this layout was appropirate as I wanted to show the many faces of Adah in her first 2 months. I used lots of stuff from my old stash here. Nothing is new except the paper from Imaginisce which was used as the background. Even teh flower sheers from KI memories had been lying in my cupboard for some time! I am glad that I am using up stuff. Perhaps that means I can purchase more soon!!!

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