Sunday, 24 May 2009


I hate it that the governement here has blocked Blogger and almost all blogsites. Dun ask me why, I really dunno why??? Now I will have to find some means to get my site updated, maybe my sis when she is not too emo, or via some proxy network which means we will have to pay for its use.

But the happy news- I made it to the Design Team of Butterfly-Crafts. Yay!!! Thank you Karen for choosing me, I am sooo excited that I can't wait for the term to start. I'm sure I will have more photos to scrap afer our trip to Tokyo next weekend! Yes, we are still going despite the swine flu. We just pray hard, wash hands more regularly and faithfully carry our sanitiser solutions and wet wipes all the time. And I hope by the time my term starts, blogger sites will be unblocked again!!!

These are my fellow team mates over at Do visit us!

Vicki Murray - Assistant DT Coordinator
Leanne Inkpen
Louise Hickey
Jodi Wilton
Roberta Gallotti
Maria Delo
Frances Sylvia
Sarah Eclavea
Krista Hanna
Tina Guigui
Leanne Love
Lou Collins
Tara Orr
Adeline Lim
Sandra Wilkinson
Guiseppa Gubler
Jocelyn Petcholan
Georgina Hefferman
Marlene Filipiuk

Have a lovely weekend!

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