Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Whooo's Cute?

I used the sketch #82 from Got Sketch? This is Asher at 3 months old, still a contented and chubby baby, starting to coo more and get more active.

The internet is indeed a powerful tool. Through it, I get to research about information I need (sometimes too much info till it scares me), but there's online classes, online ordering (my favourite!) and blog- hopping, getting to learn more about this hobby of mine and making new SB friends thru' the internet.

I have came to know Annissa, Sophia and a number of regular scrappers from Singapore through the SB forums. I never thought I would have a social life since I became a stay home mum but now I am ready to chat with them online most times of the day when I am home!!! Even in Shanghai, I managed to meet a couple of friends with similar interests and squeal over good buys together...ha ha ha...(esp Linh if you are reading this!)

And Annissa is a life saver. She is so so good with her dollars and cents that I can just turn to her to check out where's the best place to get stuff and sometimes I ride on her sprees and save more . I am thankful for this hobby which helps me to relieve stress, keeps me sane and has engaged me in forming new relationships which I never expected to have.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

love that owl!!! :) you've been busy!!

Sophia said...

Hoooooooot!!! That's a cute layout! Love the owl cut-out!

Hey! We must must really meet-up when you get back from Shanghai! Hope to be able to crop with you before my house is sold off!