Sunday, 24 May 2009

New Layouts

2 new layouts to share today, both of Adah's. I am beginning to think that its easier to do girls' layouts than boys'. At least I can add flowers and butterflies without worrying that its too girlish cos it's meant to be for girls anyway.

1) Ur Big Eyes for Butterfly- Crafts Challenge #12
People has always been telling me how big Adah's eyes are. I dun really think so myself but her eyes were the first part of her that left an impression on me when I first saw her after she was born. The nurse had cleaned her up and placed her on my chest after she was delivered and this small squirmy, whiny baby appeared very alert to me cos I met her eyes and she was wide awake! Nothing like Asher, whom I had diffculties making out how he really looked like cos his eyes were so small and he barely could keep them open the first few days! Lols.

The photos in the layout were that of Adah's in her sleepy state around 3 months old. The challenge for Butterfly Crafts was simple, just to use your favourite color. Mine has to be pink. Its easy to combine with other colors- even browns for earth tones and a vintage look and if its bright fuschia pink, it brightens up the page immediately and these days, its not that strange to find pink on boys/ men. I used a transparency overlay from Fancy Pants here and I cut 2 other pictures of Adah's to fit into the circles. Overall, I loved the effects and the embellishments used.

Ur Big Eyes- Butterfly Crafts Challenge #12

2) Fun in the Sun for Moments Recorded Challenge #09 using Pencil Lines Sketch #134
I love these pictures of Adah's taken by her friend's mum. Adah had been invited to her friend's birthday pool party and we had an agreement that she should not be swimming because she ran a fever earlier in the morning. But she could hardly resist playing with the water so I had her changed into a tank top and shorts. She was good for the first 20 mins, getting only her feet wet, watching her friends play from the sides of the pool. Then before I knew it, she was all wet and she came running to me almost with tears in eyes and told me that her friends forbade her from playing with them because she was not in a bath suit and she had slipped and got herself all wet. Finally I caved in when I looked at her sad face and told her to go play with them. Thankfully she did not get any worse after that...

I used another glitter Fancy Pants transparency here and followed the sketch #134 provided by Pencil Lines. The blue borded was actually cut out from one of my favourite Sassafras Lass papers and I loved the green damasak paper which I had used as the background. Its from Daisy D and has been in my stash for the longest time. Its one of those papers which I just can't bear to use because its so lovely but when I saw the main picture of Adah in the pool, I knew the paper was an immedite match. I love this picture so much, I think I might just scrap it again some other day.

Fun in the Sun

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