Thursday, 1 October 2009

More Toots!!!

I am typing this at 6 am in the morning at Osaka. We have been here 3 days now, and I am too happy for words that I can access Blogger, Facebook and other blocked sites freely without having to go through anoymous proxies which sometimes block out half the contents anyway! Anyone noticed I changed my blogskin? Whoo hoo!!! So happy that even my blogskin looks so 'scrappy' now! The hubster says I am so addicted that I get withdrawal syndromes if I do not cut or paste or play paper for even a day...LOLs

It had been a terrible rainy day yesterday and we took a train out to Kyoto to check out the mountains and geishas but we ended up seeing nothing. How do you pacify two kids who have been dying to see monkeys, check out maps, manipulate an umbrella and a map in one hand and push a stroller in the other? SO we just gave up and made our way back to Osaka early...

Anyway, I just wanna share here that I have made it to the Design Team of Pink Sketches! My heart was just thumping away when I saw the e-mail header from Kellie and as I read the lines on the Monday afternoon just before we were supposed to fly here, it really made my day. And nothing could ruin it even with two bawling kids who were fighting to sit next to me on the plane!

I definitely was smiling through the day! I always loved sketches and I dunno how Kellie does it but the sketches that she comes out with weekly is fantastic! For me, I like to use sketches a lot as I am too lazy to think up of new layouts all the time. I just wanna 'head butt' into my stash and bring out all the embellishments once I am ready to scrap, and I like a ready sketch so I can just focus on embellishing and layering!I am a lazy scrapper I guess!

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