Wednesday, 29 September 2010

An extra tweet!

I was featured over at Crate Paper's Feature Tuesday here! It's been encouraging especially when I have been feeling down and exhausted recently from all the drama at home and wondering if I can spend the time on my craft better on the kids or family. But then again, for a full- time, 24/7 stay- at- home mum, there is hardly any outlet, and little things like this feature and being selected for Banner of the Week at Websters really makes me happy and over the moon! ;-)
Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much on this craft, and then where do I store my increasingly layered and bulky layouts especially when I am really a minimalist. I hardly hoard anything. Most stuff are thrown out of the house once they are old, spoilt or if I cannot find a reason to recycle them and I usually make purchases out of needs than impulse. But scrapping just turns me into a shoppaholic! I cannot help swooning over every product out there and I start to have this bad habit of wanting to have the full set of everything I {heart}. Sighs...speaking of which I am already looking forward to thursday's new arrivals at MWL.
Ok...gotta get back to my cleaning and cooking and I think I'll do a small giveaway soon to share my joy and blessings! Check back...

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