Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happiness having you... I think the happiest day in the hubster's and my lives was the day our little girl was born. Meeting her for the first time, I remember the excitement and how much I was controlling to hold back my tears then as I held her for the first time. Time flies and she is now a rebellious six year old. She is still a mummy's girl, demanding for attention all the time. On many occasions, we had to discipline her and she must have felt very hurt and unloved then, not knowing that it pained us more to see her going in t he wrong ways...So that was why I created this layout, to remind her we love her a lot more than she thinks.

Lots of Crate Paper- Restoration here. This paper just makes me go soft and sigh everytime I hold the papers...And in the back of my head, I was already planning on another layout for Asher using what's left of the papers. I find this line so versatile and vintagy- pretty, and yet not in a sickly sweet way that I can use it on my boy too!

Close-Ups of the layering (P.S One of the basic rule of layouts that I have learnt is that you can use the triangle rule to balance out the embellishments!):


Sandy Ang said...

What lovely colours and texture.

Jolanda said...