Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Posing for Once

I love love love this Restoration line from Crate Paper. So vintagy and not overly sweet, so my style....and I had been salivating over it since I saw the CHA sneaks some time ago. It was definitely one of my must haves for the new CHA release! Oh and my new strategy for my purchases these days is to use up my purchases as soon as I bring them home so that I will not hoard and forget those ideas brimming in my head when I bought them! Lol.

Lots of cutting here to get the doilies that were laid up at the sides and layered to get some dimension and texture the layout. This layout was inspired by Inspired Blueprints Sketch #54. Whenever I run into an inspiration block, I always surf around sketch blogs to get some headstart...

The journalling reads:
You were always shy and reserved.
So it took me by surprise
That you wanted to pose for me
And have me photographed you.
Perhaps its your way of getting off the dinner table?

And that pretty much sums up how this picture came about. Scrapbooking to me is about preserving my memories in a more creative way. It forces me to do something in my free time at home and have a de-stress option. It allows me to do something about the tons of pictures I have taken and best of all, it allows me to reminisce and remember about events long past that I thought I have forgotten as I go through the pictures again and again...It is a hobby, an addiction in a way, but not an obession, I hope. And with that, I just want to enjoy this hobby and not get overly caught up with applying for DTs or publications...and maybe I think my works are not up to mark yet??? Anyhow, a hobby is meant to be fun and enjoyable and I certainly do not want to be stressed out by a hobby, right?

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