Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010! Hello 2011!!!

Happy New Year!!! We are just minutes away from a new year...2010 just flew by for me..there were so many changes and adjustments and challenges that I found myself screaming for more time all the time. It's so strange. When I was a young kid studying, the years seem to drag by, and I never seem to graduate. But once I graduated from uni and started working, time seemed to be moving at a faster pace. After I became a mum, time accelerates at such a fearful speed that I have to sprint along with the days (and I am not as fit as before now, so...sighs...)

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the projects I have been up to in the past weeks. Yummlicious Websters goodness. Is it any surprise that I am a fan of anything Websters? Well, I altered a flat canvas board into a hanging home display piece using lots of Websters stuff on it. The papers, the netting and the trim. I love how this display turned out after I added the birdcage stand to it with prima flowers twined around it! It was meant as a gift for someone but I couldn't bear to let it go after that, so I think I will make another similar one for her soon!

This is another layout using Websters- Wonderfall collection. Adah really loves the swing, so this is another one of her on the swing in school on her 6th birthday. There is just something about swings, isn't it? The rush as it takes you up in the air and the adrenalin as you come falling back again, just like the challenges and pits you face in life! I have to confess that I love swings too, just that these days I am too busy shooting the kids or pushing them to be on it myself!Lol.

I actually made those flowers by cutting up the vintage netting from Websters into small squares and heating them over a flame. The sides just curl up and gives the flowers a nice dimension. I cut out squares but you can try with circles or ovals for a different look. And dun worry about the size, you can piece the pieces together and try to curl the sides with your fingers into your desired shape. Use a little spray starch if you wanna keep the shape.

Well, that's all for today. Once again, a very Happy New year!

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