Friday, 19 December 2008

Blessed Christmas!

Did some 'shaker box' christmas cards to be given away to Adah's and Asher's school teachers. I used the stamps from one of my favourite and cutest Unity Stamp sets for it.

I love the christmasy feel the cards carry with the red and green color combination...and I was just playing around with the doily papers before I was inspired to try out this design. A lot of cutting work here cos you got to cut out the circle from the center of the doily paper and then piece the foam tapes to form the elevated border. I also had to cut out the plastic sheets for the shaker box.

Just to share, Christmas hold a significant meaning for Christians like me. It's to mark the birth of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. And the children and I were all baptised together during the christmas service last year. I always feel that christmas is a season of joy and giving, not only due to the present giving and all the commercial hype pre- christmas but we were given a Saviour too and that itself is cause for joy. It is not difficult to get christmas decor around here, but sadly...I can't find any relating to the nativity scene... ...

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