Saturday, 13 December 2008

Lil Princess for Moments Recorded Challenge #2

This layout is done for Moments Recorded challenge- Firsts. That was Adah's first time as a flower girl, and its for my brother's (her favourite Jiu Jiu) wedding. We flew back to Singapore 2 days before the wedding. The church rehearsal was over by then. The little page boy, Justus (again Adah's playmate in church), had to walk down the aisle alone then for the practice. We only had sufficient time to get Adah fitted for her flower girl dress the day after we arrived and the following day was the WEDDING!

Adah was sooo excited because she had helped to pick out her dress and was so impressed that it looked like a 'princess' one exactly like the bride's. Adah has no concept of weddings but she had always been awed by the beauty of brides in their gowns since young and she always call them 'pretty like a princess'. Whenever she looks at our wedding pictures display, she will reprimand Papa and Mummy for getting married without her! LOL! Cos she has to be a princess like Mummy too!

Came the moment to march-in, Adah had only the chance to practise walking down the aisle with Justus for 1 or 2 rounds before the actual wedding ceremony. Our little girl was all cool, smiley, looking pretty, not a sign of nervousness, looking around at everyone and just soaking in the attention and smiles. I remembered there was a lump in my throat then. I choked up as I saw how grown up and confident my little girl has became. Such a vast difference from that clingy baby who would reject anyone's carry and stick to mummy only!

Back to the challenge, we had to use 4 different patterned papers (check), 3 or more photos (check, and I am beginning to feel that I have been doing too many multiple-photos layouts), buttons (check), and stamps (check, and yay!I love stamping!)I used stamps from my favourite Unity Stamp and Stampin' Up to complete the layout. I actually tilted the quote to have the top end more elevated for a 'pop-up' feel, but dun think it's that obvious from the pics. And I love the cute buttons from Scrap O Them, check out those cute teensy weensy buttons that's even smaller than my last fingernail! And that little white dress came from a sticker shop right here in SH!!!

Am beginning to feel that my blog entries are a little too lengthy, I must try to shorten them but I always get carried away talking about my creations!!!


Sophia said...

That's a great layout! I love the photos and the whole feel of the layout! Thanks for sharing your story with us =)

Also, I'm glad that you like the RAK! Hope to see more LOs with them soon! hahahahaha.

kohpeganz said...

Love Adah to bits. Kiss her for me please

Jennifer Buck said...

This is such a sweet page! I love it! TFS! Hugs & :)