Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Papier House Yellow Challenge/ Lotus Paperie Challenge #118

This is my latest layout to add to Adah's first year album. I did a layout based on the below sketch challenge over at Lotus Paperie. I find that they always have simple and easy sketches to follow. The recent sketches are meant for multi- photo layouts and I like it cos' I have so many pictures to scrap. And I just have to incorporate yellow into the layout cos I am so happy that warmer days are here again! (Also in line with Papier House Challenge!) We are entering spring and I dun have to layer the kids up and its so much easier to carry a less bundled Asher. I think he weighs another 2 kg under all those layers!

I used the chipboard plant to represent 'Growth'. It is amazing to see Adah's baby pictures now. 4.5 years seem to have fly by so fast. Even in her first month, she is growing bit by bit, hence my title 'Growin Bits'. On the plant are 3 tags tied onto it that bears the weight of Adah in her 1st week, 2nd week and 4th week. I have to go dig up records of her height to put in as well. I can only remember her birth length! Uh oh...

I had originally cut out white strips of paper for my journaling but 5 lines seem too short for my journalling, so I decided to do away with it and write on the yellow paper directly. I think it shows off more of my yellow paper though white strips of paper would look equally nice too!

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Sophia said...

hey Adeline!

How's things going with you? I'm still admiring your card given to me with the lovely RAK from China :)

Am loving this layout of Aidah! Really lovely and love those ladybugs!!!