Monday, 27 April 2009

Sassfras Lass- Beautiful Baby

This paper is from Sassfras Lass- Fawnd of You collection. I like deers since young and now I see deers everywhere in scrapbooking products. So how can I resist this this paper?

This is what became of it after I cut out almost every useable flower and cloud and lines from it.

Each and every part of the paper is too pretty not to be used. Sometimes I buy papers and other embellishments and I just admire them in their original packaging. Everything looks so good that I just can't bear to use them. Sassfras Lass papers are like that. I look at them and feel so sorry to 'mutilate' them, so I try to minimise damage and use as much as possible. Lols.

The photo is one of my favourite shots of Adah when she was around 1.5 months old, sleeping peacefully. Adah was so challenging as a baby that when people asked me when her terrible twos started, I tell them I dunno. I only felt that things just got better and better as she started to talk and could communicate her needs with me; and all that happened when she was around 2. So honestly, I did not feel that she was that terrible at 2. She was worse before that- cranky, colicky, refusing to sleep and sticky. It always took us (mostly me cos Papa will give up in frustration) to put her down for her naps, and she always slept late in the nights. Strangely, she must have been so exhausted in the day that she started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old.

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