Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I have been featured!

Wow!!! I was babysitting my little niece the entire evening, neglecting my own two little monkeys and was bushed out by the time the contented parents (who finally had some couple time on their own) came home. I walked back home (our apartments are only 2 blocks apart) to find an email in my inbox, telling me that I have been highlighted on Club CK blog!

Wowz! Club CK has a huge forum and the talent there is plentiful. Lots on inspiration daily and yet my layout was highlighted in their post, along with several other very inspiring layouts. Thank you so much! This came as a timely encouragement especially when I am a person who constantly doubts if my layouts are beautiful enough to be shared. I have also met several people in the past week who have been so encouraging with their comments and I am blessed to know these new, yet very sincere friends through this hobby.

My first class kicks off this Friday, am not so nervous yet but I am so sure I'll have a sleepless night before...hahaha...I am quite shy actually (though I talk a lot here) but definitely more than willing to share what I know, so for people attending my class, please feel free to ask me anything you may want to know. I may not have all the answers but hopefully I can inspire in one way or another!

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Wendy Kwok said...

Congrats on the feature. That lovely LO, who can forget?