Monday, 4 April 2011

Made With Love DT Crop- Maya Road Apple Chipboard Album

I went for a DT Crop at Made With Love yesterday. We were supposed to come up with projects for display around the store and I chose this apple shaped chipboard album. There were butterflies and strawberries and trees albums for us to choose from but out of convenience. Lol! I didn't want to be cutting odd edges of papers for the album and this was the easiest shape I could find.

It was fun chatting with the other ladies, eating and laughing as we worked away. Actually, I hardly ate as I was sneezing away as I cut. The sneezing started since I was at church in the morning and I was focusing on trying to complete as much as I could in the 2.5 hours that I had for the crop, as I was rushing off to do another newborn shoot for my girlfriend. I misted the tops of all the apples on both sides and then cut out heart shaped papers to fit the rest of the chipboard. The rest was just layering and embellishing.

I am so humbled as I saw the other ladies at work. Aida painted and glittered her album cover and it was a pretty, shiny surface. Swee Ching took pains to cut precisely and sand every one of the romper chipboard she had chosen. Wendy was painting and sewing away. Pooi and Piradee were so focused and completed their projects the fastest in their usual styles, Pooi with her cheery and layered look and Piradee with her classic and elegant look. And Esther had such a beautiful bird banner! Sometimes, I am so envious of their talents and wish I could come up with such creativity too!

Well, I didn't finish up in time and had to rush off but I packed back some embellishments and finished the rest in the night...just lots of cutting and pasting and adding stickles here and there. Wonder what kind of style is mine? Thanks for popping by. Do leave a comment so that I can also visit your blogs and learn from you too!


bebang said...

sigh. i missed the crop :( but glad you guys had a blast! i hope there's next time.. btw, the apple album is pretty! :)

shaggyfish said...

hahaha, so fun.. .you describe all of us!!!
love those photos on your apple album!!!

Grace said...

You're talented too! love the apple album, i'm still trying to finish mine :p