Saturday, 15 November 2008

First Day of School for Creative Scrappers Weekly Sketch Challenge #25

This is for the weekly sketch challenge at Creative Scrappers. I like this layout a lot and since I took up scrapbooking, I like taking pictures and ended up developing so many (in fact, too many) photos of my two monsters! This layout enabled me to include more pictures that say of Adah's school life. The fishie that the class reared together, the school diary which I thought was the most fantastic way of communication with her teachers (since I dun get to speak to them as often as those parents who pick up their children from school as Adah takes the school bus... ...It would have been perfect if I was able to create different sizes of circular punchouts but I only had one circular punch and it is so difficult to get scrapbooking supplies here in Shanghai even though almost everything is 'Made in China'.

This is about Adah and her first day back to school in Kindergarten 1. She moved up to K1 from Toddler class instead of Nursery. She was put in a stream younger than that she would have been if she had studied in Singapore because of the school's academic curriculum and her birthday. But we had the teachers assessed her abilities and moved her to K1 instead, cos she did not seem to be learning much with the younger kids, some who are still in diapers and on pacifiers. We had to constantly tell her that she's going to a different class from her best friend, Lily and wow-ed about how mature and grown up she is now to be in an older class.

She was quite prepared and settled well in the first morning when I sent her to school and is happily adjusted now, 2.5 months down... ...

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