Friday, 21 November 2008

Weekly Sketch Challenge #26 for Creative Scrappers & Scrappin Kids Challenge #14

I came up with this for Creative SCrappers Weekly Sketch Challenge #26. When I first started, I wanted to follow closely to the sketch design. I had a floral concept, butterflies, layering and all. But I found these running pictures of the two monsters, and I really want to scrap them. I still tried to stick to the original theme that I had in mind, but maybe use more browns, blues and greens since these colors are more neutral.

Well, in the end, as I played around with ideas, the layout turned out the way it is. No flowers, no fluttering butterflies, no flourishes...Probably will try again my floral theme with some other pictures. I really like this sketch design for multiple pictures.

These are my favourite pictures of the two monsters at play. I dun have a 'professional' type of camera, just a regular digital camera- Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07 that hubby bought for me as a gift before we flew over to Shanghai. (Lookign back, it must be a bribe!) Given its speed, I was so happy when I managed to get these 3 pictures in the midst of pacifying Adah and then telling Asher off. I was trying to get them to pose lovingly for the camera when the jostling started over a bowl of apples.

Anyway, I decided to submit this layout for Scrappin Kids Challenge #14 as well, cos this layout is really just about what these two monsters are about most times. Loving and 'killing' each other! I had journalled on both sides of the strips of paper but attached Asher's facing up. They read as follows:

1) Eye that Apple
2) Push Adah away.
3) She's down but still no apple!

Adah's (on the back)
1) I have an apple, not Didi
2) Didi wants my apple, RESIST!
3) I'm down but I still have my apple. Ha ha ha!

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Sophia said...

LOL! That's such a fun LO to boot!!! The journalling is really cute!!