Sunday, 16 November 2008

My First Project

This is my very first project- a 'scrapped' wedding album for my brother and his wife, SJ. Both of them dotes on the two monsters a lot, especially Adah. They helped to take care of Adah during the days I was alone in Singapore, during the 2 months when the hubster first came over to Shanghai. This is really a token of appreciation for them and my brother whom we have always regarded as a small boy. He's finally grown up now, with a family of his own.

It was no easy feat rushing through 22 pages of layouts in just 3 weeks. Thanks to Asher who came down with a high fever and ear infection, I stayed awake for several nights and managed to rush through a number of pages. I was too afraid to fall asleep cos' I wanted to check on Asher every hour.

You can tell how 'raw' my works were then(and probably still are)... ...but it was really fun putting the album together and showing it off later!

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Anonymous said...

way to go!! Go Go Jia You!!