Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pink Sketches Sketch #14


This layout was inspired by Pink Sketeches Sketch #14. I love this sketch cos' it so simple to piece together, yet looks elaborate and incorporates flourishes as a a key embellishment. (My favourite currently, a pity I can't get any chipboard type flourishes from here.)

Anyway, one of the challenges that I face in scrapping is stamping and embellishing gone wrong. Given the limited supplies I have here, I have to be really innovative about pieceing together stuff for challenge sketches. I wanted to use flourishes chipboard but I ended up using my stamps to create the look. Then I couldn't find a suitable ink color. (And the new ones I have ordered were still not here, thanks to an over zealous receptionist here which is another long story). Anyway, I ended up using the crystals and faux pearls to cover up the stamping mistake and the end result turned out so 'bling'.

Also, the little blue owl at the bottom, was a decorative piece for Adah's croc shoes which got pried out of its attachment by Asher. Love the ribbons that I have used, my best buys from the ribbon market here and there was no place for more journalling, so I had hidden journalling behind the pictures that I have attached on with a brad.

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Sophia said...

Hey Adeline,

I think this layout is great!!! It gives me the "Let it snow, let it snow let it snow" vibes here! I think it's a job well done!

hey, email me @ k? I've got something for ya!