Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wedding Layout- New Life Together

Made this for my brother in law, Khai Chyuan and his wife, Xin Pei. I later got to know she has an English name, Omi. I have been married to hubby for 7 years now and had been a frequent guest at their home since we started dating in 1997, but I hardly spoke much to KC. Nonetheless, I really wanted to present a gift to the new couple as a welcome to the new addition in the family. Also, we couldn't attend the wedding luncheon in Beijing cos' both kids were down.

I must say this is one LO that I spent the most efforts on and I am very proud of the results. Look out how cute the chipboard couple are! (Credits go to this fellow scrapper on TSL who first dressed up a chipboard couple and gave me inspiration!)

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