Sunday, 1 August 2010

You Light Up My Life

My little girl really lights up my life. She can be so trying and difficult at times with her persistent and outspoken nature but she brought out the best and the worst in me. She has shown me how much more I can handle as a mother and pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve as a mum. She is my constant companion and she's like my little shadow, sometimes even pouring out sensible words of advice that one would never expect from a six- year-old- to be... I love her so much and I just want to say sorry to her for those moments of outburts from me when I hurt her with harsh words or when I am just plainly frustrated when the going gets too tough and tiring for me as a SAHM. Sometimes she leaves me with no breathing space because she is interested in almost everything I do, but without her, the house gets a little too quiet and she really does stuff that makes me so extremely proud of her!!!

Anyhow, enough of raving about my own little girl. Which mother isn't proud of their own offspring? Lolss

A layout completed with papers and vellum from Websters Pages...Woah...I like vellum, the translucent look against paper and the textures they give if you distress them a little...and I tried punching out the butterflies from vellum and they do look so fluttery when you layer them! One of those satisfying projects done quickly and efficiently. I had more time last week cos I caught a cold and cut my toe while cleaning the toilet so the hubster had to take leave to handle the kids. I had more time to myself cos his way of handling them is to bring them out and tire them out so they would go to bed early! Lols

The layout.

Details close up.

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Sandy Ang said...

This is breathtakingly lovely. Admire how you combined so many primary colours and yet achieved such balance and harmony in your LO.